Technical Guidance

Open source project on GitHub

The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) supports actively the development of national reporting platforms, especially as an open source solution. The USA and the United Kingdom are pioneers in this area of expertise. They have developed platforms in order to present the indicators for the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations.

There is a universal version of the code for a reporting platform for the SDGs available. The USA, the United Kingdom, and the Center for Open Data Enterprise have developed it. The reporting platform for the indicators of the German Sustainable Development Strategy uses the universal code. If you are interested, we recommend to have a look at the SDG-platforms of US and of the United Kingdom as well as at the Open SDG project documentation. There are instructions for example on how to copy the Open SDG platform.

The project code for this platform is available to the public in the following GitHub Repository.

If you want to comment or give feedback to the Open SDG project or if you elsewise want to be part of the Open SDG-community, kindly contact Open SDG GitHub.

Shortcomings of the current presentation

There are still technical difficulties. Currently we cannot properly present the following issues: